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Liberating program to help you release anger, become whole, and move forward - confidently.
For people feeling suffocated by anxiety. This will help you release your anxiety that you can breathe again!
For people who feel stuck in life - knowing there's more, but unaware of what it is or how to get there.
Giving your team tools to enhance EQ, communication, mindset, and emotional wellbeing.

Welcome to COACH ME TO GROW!

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Hi! I’m Dr Tronél Hellberg from Coach me to Grow.

I’m so glad you decided to look into the possibility of life coaching! From my own experience, coaching is one of those MUST DO things in life!

Life coaching has had a profound impact on my own life and I’m sure it can save you a lot of time, money, life lessons and hardship as well. It can most certainly get you to where you would like to be in life MUCH quicker!

Without going into too much detail about my own life, I was at really low point in my life when I got a life coach. I just couldn’t go on like that anymore. I hungered for change.

I wanted tools to cope better with the situation I was in, and let go of pain, become whole, and reconnect with ME again. Coaching brought me to the decision to exchanging a life of compromise for one of purpose, joy and fulfilment.

I promise you, life coaching will have a tremendous impact on your life if you’re one hundred percent committed. It will help you to let go of what is holding you back. Breaking through barriers of fear, anxiety, doubt and inner conflict.

Ultimately, it will steer you towards your purpose and confidently live your potential. For one moment, pause and think: how amazing would it be to feel free and happy again? To “just be” – fearlessly and without self-doubt. Like when you were a child. Imagine having tools to navigate through life’s storms quicker and more resiliently.

Life will still happen, but you will be in control without losing sight of the meaningful, goal driven life you’re creating.

To achieve this, I specialise in the following areas of coaching:

Life transformation coaching

This has been a liberating, beginning-of-great-realisations life coaching programme for many people! It’s the very same programme that led to phenomenal change in my own life. It will help to join the dots and figure out why you feel stuck in life. You will learn ways to change your mindset, get clear on your values, set and achieve goals, and build confidence. There’s also a deeper aspect to this programme. Read more…

Anger management

A relatively short (12-hours), yet extremely effective life coaching programme. Anger is often the result of things that happen to us or that we are exposed to. SO many people battle with this highly flammable, destructive and pain-causing emotion that’s ripping lives, marriages and careers apart. While releasing the anger is the main objective, getting to the root and detonating the triggers are just as important. Read more…

Employee wellness – life skills development in the office

Based on years of experience with “what can go wrong in teams” and how to make teams stronger through focusing on mental wellbeing, distinctive employee wellness solutions were developed by Coach me to Grow. A particularly attractive aspect of teams coaching is that it provides the opportunity for people to get on the same page. Individuals learn techniques to cope better with stress, enhance EQ, become more positive, set goals, etc. One-on-one coaching often forms part of our unique approach to employee wellness. Read more…

Narcissistic abuse

There’s much truth in “only people who have been abused by a narcissist truly gets it”… I promise you: I get it – it’s NOT you and you’re NOT crazy! It often takes years and even decades to figure out what’s going on. Once you do, there’s SO much to work through: how you’ve missed it, why you allowed it, anger towards yourself, forgiving yourself, cutting yourself some slack, exchanging confusion for clarity, becoming whole, working on your self-esteem, and moving forward without falling into the same trap. Contact me.


This is an intuitive life coaching programme meeting you wherever you are on your spiritual journey and guiding you to a deeper understanding, experience and connection with God in your own. This is a very personal, unrestricted journey towards finding and settling into your experience of God and who YOU are…reaching a place of raw authenticity, honesty and truth. Moving from head to heart, seeing to… REALLY seeing! It’s about experiencing the Essence of All through a unique expansion of the Universe called “you”. Learning to meditate (or deepening one’s meditation practices), qi gong and inner-child work are among the areas people sometimes wants to explore. Contact me.

I wonder, what led you to life coaching?

What’s your reason for considering coaching? What’s holding you back?

Is it fear? Anxiety? Anger? Lack of self-confidence? Perhaps not feeling good enough? What would you give to return to that free, fearless, unharmed, happy and confident person you once were?

Everything, right?

When I think of conversations and the many people I’ve coached, I came to the realisation that THEY ALL have something in common.

The ability to let go of their stories – consciously or subconsciously.

It might seem hard and unfair. But IT IS OVER! By holding on to it, you allow your past to limit you – what you think of yourself, your abilities, what you think you can achieve, and the way you see things.

Clinging to failure, disappointment, sadness, hurt, anxiety, anger and loss cause negative self-talk, self-doubt, fear, and feeling not good enough. You’re probably beating up yourself because you’ve been stuck in this rut for some time, even years! You’re not alone, I’ve also been there and if it wasn’t for coaching, I would probably still be there.

I want to tell you, no matter what brought you here, YOU DESERVE MORE! You are worthy of joy, love, being whole, expressing the real you, and living a magnificent life. You have a divine purpose and owe it to yourself to be free, fearless, living from the heart and “just being” like when you were a child.

I promise you, you can change! It’s possible to learn to love yourself, let go of negative emotions and jump over limiting beliefs. You can acquire tools to help you cope better, take charge of your life, see things for what they are, become more resilient, and craft the life you envision for yourself.

It’s at this point that I would like to invite you for a free consultation to discuss the possibility of coaching. I would really love to help you conquer whatever it is that is holding you back. Like I said at the beginning, I’m a life coach because coaching put me back in touch with my purpose and until today, I believe it’s a MUST DO for everyone. It would be a privilege if I can help you do the same!

Master Transformation Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Garsfontein, Pretoria East

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