Life Transformation Program


Before my journey with Tronél, I was stuck in this victim mode. I constantly thought the whole world was against me. I realise now that I was my own worst enemy who limited myself from living life to the fullest and doing things that bring me happiness on a daily basis. Being someone who wants to help ithers, I decided I couldn’t let this go on for any longer.


Tronél was the perfect mentor, because I could relate with her whereas I would never be able to speak to anyone about my issues as I felt judged and misunderstood. With Tronél’s guidance, I was able to overcome a lit. These tools can be carried with me for life. The journey with Tronél is a life changing one where quality of life is guaranteed to improve. O can say this because after releasing all the negative energies and emotions, I feel lighter and able to breathe.


I am becoming a much happier person. I now have confidence in my abilities to reach my goals and dreams. This is possible because I have learnt the power of the mind and universe. The awareness had brought me such fulfilment and peace.


So I am truly grateful for this opportunity and thank you Tronél for encouraging me to be the best version of myself.


Life Transformation Program


My journey with Tronél started in July – it was long overdue. There was a yearning inside…


When we first started I felt so stuck. It was like nothing was moving. I felt alone and unwanted and I definitely did not want to sit with a psychologist and tell them my problems. I needed something new to shift. I was tired of talking to my friend about my issues.


After being in a relationship, trying and getting rejected by the person I thought for years was my soul mate, it really hit me hard and I was at my lowest. I did not know what to do.


I went on the internet, I googled “life coach” and Tronél’s website caught my eye. I read the testimonials, and although I was skeptical at first, I thought what do I have to lose? I I decided to go for the free session and see. That was the best decision I ever made in my life. I remember after the free session fear crept  in and I was starting to second guess myself. I took a leap of faith and it was the best decision.


What I had been looking for on the outside was actually inside.


The techniques Tronél use are so powerful and precise that for the first time in my life I am able to look myself in the mirror and see me, the soul. I have started working on myself daily with the techniques Tronél gave me, and my God given talents. Life is good and I can see clearly now that self-development is an everyday thing. You just need to commit to it and do the work.


I can recommend life coaching as something people should be open to – it opens up different perceptions a – new world.


Thank you Tronél, you are true God sent. I am forever grateful to you. When I smile the world smiles back at me.


Life Transformation Program


I reached a point in life, where I started questioning everything I do. I started doubting every decision I made, without truly understanding why. To an extant I knew this was not normal and that I required an objective opinion to truly understand the situation I found myself in. It took me two and a half years before I ended up with Tronel, and boy oh boy am I glad that I did. She was such a big help in explaining to me exactly why I am experiencing certain situations as good or bad. She assisted me to cut through the clutter and see all the believes that I formed to date, that was holding me back. She was able to take me back to the confident little girl, that was not afraid to do anything, that did not doubt any decision she made and who felt she could conquer any mountain. She was able to calm my inner voices. She has had such a big impact on my personal life, being a wife and a mom as well as my professional life. I am ecstatic to admit that she was able to assist me in start enjoying life once again. Thank you Tronel!


Life Transformation Program


It has had a great impact on my overall health. The start was quite weird but educating. I have been able to draw out more of the things I find important and work towards that rather than dwelling on past mistakes and having my thoughts dictate the present.


I have made long awaited decisions, bonds and progress using the information I gained (more diligently) – will surely be of use from here on out. Who knows what the future has in store?


Thank you Tronél.

Christiaan Joubert

Life Transformation Program


Ek het op ‘n punt in my lewe gekom waar ek geen hoop meer gehad het nie, geen vooruitsigte nie, nie meer geweet het wie ek is nie.  Dr Tronel het my gelei in ‘n proses wat vir my lewensveranderend was. Ek weet nou weer wie ek is, dat ek aan myself moet aandag gee, dat ek waardig is en waarnatoe ek oppad is. Ek weet ook weer wie ek is en wat my passies is. Die groot hartseer en woede is weg en ek het ‘n toekomsvisie. Ek is weer opgewonde oor die lewe en het hoop! Baie dankie Dr Tronel vir jou hulp om my lewe weer op koers te kry binne net agt weke. Ek glo dat dit baie belangrik is vir elke persoon om deur hierdie proses te gaan om ‘n gelukkige, vry mens te kan wees.


Life Transformation Program


I suffered from debilitating anxiety, and Tronel helped me gain perspective on the stories I told myself. She is extremely professional and genuinely a lovely, caring person. I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety.


Life Transformation Program


When I started the programme I was feeling as though my life was meaningless. I was depressed and hopeless, unsure of my worth. I had no direction nor purpose and from session one I started to unload my depression. It was not easy as I was still full of doubt with questions like “will it work for me?” As day two came I started to understand, feel light. I started to feel happy, trust and gain awareness in my life. I could no longer wait for the next session. I felt love for myself for the first time. I trusted myself and the depression was gone. I am happy I believe in myself. I have no emotional baggage from my past anymore.


I gained so much more from this programme including the fact that I am now a sales consultant for Honey and I am excelling in it, something that without the programme I wouldn’t have done, because  I lacked confidence towards my capabilities.


Now I see my life with a fresh, hopefull, purposeful future. I am in love with myself. My vocabulary has no word “doubt” about myself.


My coach, I love her. She was/is a gift from God. She saved my life. She understood me, she listened to me, she made me a soulfull person. She is humble, loving which she bring to you in every session. She became my friend spiritually and emotionally. I am greatful to my coach and the programme for bringing out my happiness. I am the great version of myself. I am living life to the full, life of intentions and no disappointment.


Enjoying and loving the journey.


Life Transformation Program


After spending my whole life feeling empty, frustrated and sad, doubting myself and feeling stuck in a life that was going nowhere, I finally made the decision – it had to be changed – no matter what. I just felt that I couldn’t do it anymore.


I contacted Tronél and so the journey to the rest of my life started. Working with Tronél was purely and inspiration and a privilege. She has created a fountain of hope in me. This is only the beginning of the rest of my life.


For the first time I feel like I can do this, I cannot wait to see what life has in store for me.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Life Transformation Program


From the very first day I started with the coaching I left a new person with new found confidence in myself. The methods used were all incorporating and affecting mind, soul and spirit.


The coaching has left me a new man, with clear purpose and vision of my life. It also helped me let go of my regrets and failures and has given a blank slate to start afresh.


The coaching has helped to  change how I saw myself at first and now I see myself as this confident, strong, intelligent and successful person. The coaching has given me the courage to step out of my comfort and pursue my dream! It really works!

Itumeleng Sibambo

Life Transformation Program


I had the privilege of doing the Life Transformation Program with Tronel.


As a divorcee, I had a lot of baggage and negative emotion which I dragged around with me for many years. I was surprised how easy and effective it was to let go of the past, and letting go of the regret, anger and frustration – something I struggled with for YEARS on my own.


My eyes were opened to the possibilities of life, and I realised what an injustice I’ve been doing to myself all these years. I’m happy, positive and have moved on completely from my past life which was burdening me and holding me back. I’m now free to create the life I could only dream of before.


The Life Transformation Program is awesome, I noticed results after the first week and it has enabled me to make huge changes to my life. I was very pessimistic but was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was. I would not hesitate recommending the program to anybody who would consider doing it. Forget psychiatry, this is the real deal!


Tronel is passionate, understanding and very willing to assist in improving your life. I would recommend her any day as a life coach. It was a privilege getting to know her and working with her.


Life Transformation Program


My coach was the best. She was in touch, gentle and very accommodating. I felt I can talk to her about anything. I felt welcome, comfortable and enjoyed seeing her all the time – the stories she shared, the laughter and care.


I think coaching is the best thing ever. I thank God that I learnt and got to know about coaching. It’s the best programme, unlike when I went for counselling where there was not much. I really like coaching and if we could do it regularly, it will help a lot. The programme helped me a lot. I was stuck in my life. I didn’t know I had potential. I was so down and dull. I was worried about others and forgot to love myself. Coaching took all the weight I was carrying on my shoulders.


Thank you so much Tronel. I am more motivated, driven, positive and I have learnt a lot during our sessions. Thank you for all the therapy sessions. I have healed. Thank you for the new driver focus filter I have a light and I am free. Thank you so much for saving me and giving me new hope.


Anger Management


Wow! Tronel is awesome! What a wonderful gift you have been to me and to my family!


I am not able to recognise the person who arrived here 10 days ago! I am so happy to have made a choice to come see you that Monday afternoon! I feel so very much different. It is really a wonderful thing to feel so very good about oneself! I am calm, very calm!


My life has in the past days shifted SO much I can’t believe it! I can certainly say, there has been immense transformation that has started taking place in my outlook, from inside out! I focus on the now, the only time I have! I have added a few new words in my vocabulary, like “It’s not my matter”. “What will it solve? Let go and focus on whats important!”


Provocation that got to me so many times, have failed to get me become that angry, impatient, … person!


I am different! I am happy! I am at peace (while in the midst of life storms). I am free!


Thank you Tronel!


Anger Management


I am delighted and extremely excited that I took time off the hectic life and invested wisely to my self development.


Tronel, you have taken me through a remarkable journey of re-igniting my importance and the vibration. I am rejuvenated and managed to tap into my reservoir of capabilities to approach life with the end in mind of achieving everything.


This was the greatest thing I have ever made to my precious life. I am now a better person and will contribute positively to those I interact with and by extention to the universe.


Allow me to say this was my most eye-opening and enriching venture.


Anger Management


Very powerful process of inner healing and personal re-alignment. I can recommend this for anyone that wishes to re-calibrate and refresh the way they look at themselves and the people around them.

Johan S.

Employee Wellness & Life Skills Development


I would like to thank Tronel for this programme because it has taught me to respect myself and other people, to love them. I am now able to interact with people from top to bottom. I now feel wanted and we can work as a team sharing ideas and facing challenges together and pass all events. This has helped me a lot to being forgiving, cheerful, listen to others and to have good communication. I believe in myself being accountable and responsible in all what I do. So I am now productive and a winner all the time. Once again I want to thank you for molding me to where I am now.


Anger Management


I loved the program! It is really powerful and it really helped me… How to control my anger and to take out all of the emotions under anger. I learned to actually start loving myself and to let go of the past. This Anger Management program changed my life from the first day I started. I also learned to be positive, and to think and believe positive thoughts. I really enjoyed every learning in this program.

Lee-Ann Bouwer

Employee Wellness & Life Skills Development


I have been coached by Tronel Hellberg. Wow, the feeling that I got after her session was so overwhelming. I felt the relief and the peace of mind I experienced was out of this world. I never knew how easily talking can change a person just like that. I really thank her for doing the excellent job she’s doing. Hope it is possible for each and every one to have this kind of coaching.


May God give her even more wisdom in the good job that she’s doing. I love you Tronel Hellberg, your coaching will make so much of a difference in this world.


Employee Wellness & Life Skills Development


It was a very great opportunity to have a coach like Tronel. She really helped me to be the person that I am. I dropped all the anger – I even stopped doubting myself in terms of comparing myself with other people who are educated. Now I’m proud that I can stand up in front of everyone thanks to Tronel.


Anger Management


Nadat ek gaan uitvind het oor die afrigringsprogram, het Tronél my Tronel imy nuwe moed gegee.


Ek was iemand wat moeilik kon vergewe en het opgehoopde emosies in myself rond gedra. Na die tweede sessie kon ek al voel hoe dinge in my verander, maar na die derde sessie waar ek alles kon aflaai, was dit absoluut fantasties om te kon voel hoe ek as persoon net ligter en ligter van binne af raak deur van al die gemors ontslae te raak.


Ek wil net dankie sê aan Tronél wat ook die kursus die eerste keer in Afrikaans aangebied het, jy het wonders verrig in my lewe en ek bid en hoop dat dit net so sal aangaan, en ek my tegnieke net sal gebruik en in myself sal glo.


Anger Management


Tronel is a wonderful person & life coach. I have had a great time to spend some time with her to help in certain areas of my life, feelings & experiences. We worked through a  couple of issues & techniques to help me deal with problem areas in my life.


I can open-mindedly recommend Tronel to anyone in need of life improvement.


Thank you.

De Villiers

Negative emotional therapy


It is amazing to see what just one session can do. Within the hour baggage that I had been carrying around for years was lifted off of my shoulders. A very freeing and empowering experience. When I walked out I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I could conquer the world.


Negative & limiting belief therapy


I had no idea how life coaching might benefit me until I had a very constructive session with Tronel. As she guided me through the steps of ‘negative belief therapy’, I started to understand that this consisted of visualising a past experience and working through it. During the whole process, I was impressed with Tronel’s confident guidance and deeper understanding of the visualisation technique. She made me aware of negative attitudes I previously held in a very gentle way, while being sympathetic of my past experiences (especially when emotion overcame me). Her effective communication skills provided me with insight into the reason I might have held myself back from past achievements. In just a single session, she gave me a wonderful tool for making me feel much more positive about my own abilities.


Thanks a lot, Tronel!


Life Transformation Program


The programme give you the tools to work with. It is not a magic solution. You have to implement it and work with it yourself. I believe in the power of positiveness but sometimes life brings you down and it is easier to see just the bad things. With the coaching program you can see how changing your beliefs changes your life for the better.


Tronel, as coach, has an enormous amount of trust and confidence in her programme and this gives you hope that it can work for you as well. She has the knowledge and passion and also understanding of how to help you to turn your life from misery to happiness.


Anger Management


Great Sessions. It was a experiance like no other that I ever had. All that has been said in coaching is everything that you haven’t thought of and everything is more beautiful than you think it is. I highly recomend such coaching if you have doubts and you are struggling. Thank you Tronel for an beautiful experiance. I commited and achieved It.


Life Transformation Program


I had considered coaching for some time, as I felt stuck in life. A friend recommended Tronel, and so I started the sessions.


Tronel introduced the transformation coaching well. A lot of it was already familiar to me in theory, and I was looking for guidance as how to apply it practically.


I was impressed with the results of simple intention setting – for example setting myself a time limit for getting a phone call answered through an automated system – it worked perfectly!


I found clearing negative emotions and thought the most useful part of the course, as it cleared the basis to have a clean slate to work on in future.


I immediately liked Tronel’s enthusiasm. She clearly lives what she teaches and has a very positive and supportive outlook on life.


I am excited about the journey ahead.


Thanks Tronel!


Life Transformation Program


Ek dink my coach is awesome verby! Ek is so dankbaar vir haar coach wat haar lewe verander het en sodoende my kon help: Dankie… Die Life Transformation Program werk. Mag meer en meer mense van alle rasse gehelp word. Die coaching maak sin en kan deur ander ervaar en beleef word. Die program het my lewe verander – my oë oopgemaak/perspektief gegee rakende die realiteit, toekoms, nuwe geleenthede en uitdagings. Ek het nuwe hoop en dankbaarheid, en gaan 2018, ‘n nuwe era, en toekoms in – ek en my huis. Ek verstaan die lewe ‘n bietjie beter en nog so baie waarhede wat vir ons almal wag wat hier deur is…


Dankie Tronel


Dankie vir al die coaches daar buite


Dankie JESUS.

Jaco van der Westhuizen

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