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“Getting a life coach was the biggest turning point of my life. That’s why I know it works!” ~ Tronél Hellberg

Hi! I’m Dr Tronél Hellberg. Life coaching is one of the things that had the most profound impact on my life – it put me back in touch with my purpose. So, here’s a little bit about my journey and how I became a life coach.

I think we all have that inner calling steering us towards fulfilling our purpose. For me and ever since I can remember, I had this longing to make a difference.

When I was in high school, I wanted to become a social worker. I really just wanted to lift people out of the gutter and help them get their lives back on track. But then I spoke to a few social workers who all discouraged me from pursuing it since it’s high stress, low pay and too much work.

For a while, I considered psychology, but then I thought “I don’t want to sit and listen to people’s problems the whole day, I just want to solve them!”.

Having studied the classical guitar, a door opened which led to a 22-year career in music education. … Till today, I smile when thinking of the irony of the social workers’ words. 😊

While I loved teaching, I always felt there was something missing – like the boy in Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. If you’ve read it, you’ll know how it sometimes feel like life takes you on a detour (or at least that’s how it feels) to teach and prepare you for what’s next. However, like Gandhi says, “The path is the goal.” Along the way, you learn to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Ultimately, leading you to “finding your treasure” and fulfilling your purpose. This brings me to why I got a life coach and became one myself.

There’s a saying, “stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone”. Well, in 2016 I did exactly this and it backfired more than I could ever imagine. Instead of feeling good about standing up for what’s right thing, I felt like the world’s worst person. I was filled with unbearable hurt, shock, self-doubt and disillusionment about what people could do. I ended up resigning as a teacher in 2017. I reached my lowest low and to be honest, I didn’t see the point in living anymore.

I went to a psychologist but talking about my problems didn’t solve them. Someone suggested trying a life coach and WOW, the best decision ever! The coach took me through the Life Transformation Program. Although I was sceptical at first, I felt I was running out of options. But am I glad I did it! It’s been a life changing process of inner healing and becoming whole again.

The fact that my life fell apart was the way back to my soul purpose – wanting to make a difference! Having first-hand experience of the effect of life coaching, I knew THAT was the kind of difference I always wanted to make in the world.

SO, here I am! Five years of being a qualified life coach and fulfilling the purest form of my purpose.

Does this mean life’s always easy? No! BUT having gone through the coaching process myself (and still working on myself every day returning to the rawest version of myself) gave me tools and techniques to navigate through life’s storms MUCH easier and with more resilience… even when I lost my dad in 2020, and going through a divorce. I definitely feel more grounded when life’s turbulence strikes and bounce back quicker than before coaching.

Now it’s time for your life transformation journey!

Dr Tronél Hellberg
Garsfontein, Pretoria East (close to Menlyn, Faerie Glen Hospital, Garsfontein Hoërskool, Woodhill and Mooikloof).

International Coaches Register (ICR)

My qualifications
Master Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Prosci Change Practitioner