Great, your battle is won, you’re a cancer survivor!

Your loved ones are glad that your suffering has finally come to an end and that life can return to normal. They want to celebrate this great victory and assume it’s what you want – surely you feel the same way!

You, like many other cancer survivors, finally reached this moment of hope you were holding on to for so long during your treatment. You expected to feel relieved, happy, and grateful for another chance life has given you. But contrary to what you anticipated life after cancer would be like, you have a strong sense of emptiness and sadness … actually feeling lost.

The truth is that you feel out of place and don’t know how to return to “normal”. You put up your “happy I’m a survivor” face while fighting your new battle … inner conflict, depression, anger, sadness, regret, guilt, anxiety, fear of the cancer recurring, feeling hopeless, unworthy, mental and physical fatigue, sleep problems, unanswered questions, weight gain/loss, financial concerns, going back to work and …  just feeling “normal” again.

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Although “normal” is gone (or at least the way you think of it and want it to be), this cancer survivor support programme in Pretoria will help you to create a beautiful new path for your life in which I will help you to:

  • Reconnect with the “real you” (who is still inside!)
  • Deal with negative emotions like fear, guilt, anger, doubt, anxiety, hurt, sadness and depression
  • Resolve your inner conflicts
  • Address negative/limiting beliefs
  • Have great confidence and self-esteem
  • Love, accept, forgive and make peace with yourself
  • Let go of fear that the cancer might return
  • Face your check-ups fearlessly
  • Create and live a healthy life (mentally, spiritual and physically)
  • Be happy
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Find meaning in life again
  • Set and achieve new goals
  • Have mental clarity
  • Be in control of your life and emotions
  • Live the life of your dreams.

I trust that you’ll look back in a year from now with immense gratitude for making the decision to embark on your new life journey!

Tronél Hellberg,
Master Transformation Life Coach, Pretoria East

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 When can I start?

Anytime! We start with a free consultation to determine your needs and see if coaching can help you reach what you set out to achieve.


  • Location: Pretoria East (close to Garsfontein Hoërskool, Faerie Glen Hospital, Menlyn, Mooikloof and Woodhill)
  • Language: English or Afrikaans
  • Ages: 18+
  • Covid-19 preventative measures Please remember your mask. You will be welcomed by me and a bottle of hand sanitizer. There is ample space to ensure social distancing, as well as a big Perspex screen.


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