You will most likely agree that some people know exactly which buttons to push and BOOM! Perhaps there weren’t even buttons to push, so they created them just because they want conflict!

This conflict management programme is designed for solving conflict in personal and professional relationships. It involves a distinct and powerful approach to deal with and resolve conflict, whether in the workplace or in your personal life. Even if you are the only party who is determined to find a solution and follow the programme, the conflict will most likely completely disappear! No way, right?

No! This is why: everyone has big red treadmill buttons which say “don’t push” yet these are exactly the buttons that get pushed during conflict! (There is a simple reason for it which I will explain during our sessions.)


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In order to deactivate the buttons, we need to get to the root of them by resolving inner conflict, and letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. This will enable you to:

  • Be in control of your thoughts, behaviour and words
  • Take charge of your life
  • Change from being the victim to being the victor
  • Take control of your emotions
  • Express yourself in a calm, composed and confident manner
  • Not feel threatened, vulnerable or helpless during confrontation
  • Acquire techniques that will empower you when faced with confrontation
  • Be problem-solving orientated
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem and self-image
  • Think clearly and calmly when faced with conflict
  • Restore and strengthen relationships
  • Experience inner freedom, joy and calmness
  • Focus on positive outcomes.

The “Conflict management Pretoria” programme is offered in English and Afrikaans. While most of my clients meet with me in person, the programme can also be done via Skype or at the office (companies).

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FAQs regarding the Life Transformation Program



Individuals: 9-10 hours (one 2-hour session once a week)

Couples/groups: 5-6 hours per individual and 4 hours as a couple/group


Individuals: R12 000 (payable in 1-3 payments)

Couples: R21 600  per couple (payable in 1-3 payments)

Groups: Price varies depending on the number of people

Although we recommend completing the full programme, we can also tailor the programme to suite your budget!  Enquire

Session can be done in-person or online

In person: Pretoria East (close to Garsfontein Hoërskool, Faerie Glen Hospital, Menlyn, Mooikloof and Woodhill)

Language: English or Afrikaans

Ages: 18+

Covid-19 preventative measures: Please remember your mask. You will be welcomed by me and a bottle of hand sanitizer. 🙂 There is ample space to ensure social distancing, as well as a big Perspex screen.


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