Look into your eyes and tell your inner critic:

I hope you’ll someday realise how awesome you are. That you are loved and accepted.

I love you. I approve of you. You are good just the way you are. I will never judge you. I know you sometimes want to rip yourself and others apart, but that’s only because you feel trapped in unsafety and uncertainty. You actually just want to feel safe, free, valued, confident and in control.

I hope that you will get to this place where you will feel safe and give up on trying to protect me with fear. Know that I’ll always be there for you. I will never abandon you. May you know that you are enough and complete. May you love yourself, allow yourself and others to just be. May you give up on the seriousness, go outside and play, feel the wind and be free like you once were. I know you can do it!

In a meantime, I’m working on ME. I am committed to loving and approving of myself. I’m committed to letting the love I have for myself grow stronger. This is what I need to do for ME. You’re welcome to join me anytime!

Love, ME.