The voices in your head

You were born perfect, a clean slate so to speak.
As life happened, you started believing things about yourself that are NOT TRUE, e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m unworthy”, “people don’t like me”, “I’m not as intelligent as other people”, etc.
The truth is that beliefs like these are the consequence of unguarded thoughts or awarenesses that were integrated by the subconscious mind as truths. This being one of the crucial reasons for being mindful – guarding the heart by ensuring what goes into the subconscious mind is the truth.
The subconscious mind can’t distinguish between truth and falsity. Therefore, if unguarded, any input (true or false), i.e. what we see, hear and are being told, our thoughts, self-talk, etc. are classified as TRUTHS by the subconscious mind. Think about it. Say there was a time you didn’t even thought about being good enough, because you were just being. Somewhere something happened and an unguarded question, thought or comment like “Am I enough?, “I’m not good enough” or “You’re not good enough” entered. The good new is that this can be changed. Read more.
Depending on what you focus on, your subconscious mind gives you proof of it being the truth. This might very well be the complete opposite! Remember, unguarded falsities enter the subconscious mind as truths! The subconscious mind relies on the conscious mind to guard it.
The “real” you never changed, it’s the stories in your mind that did. The light never left you, it’s the shadows of the mind that started clouding the truth over time. Rumi said, “If light is in your heart you will find your way home.” The truth is this: the Light never left you! It has and always will be inside! “You are not broken and in need of fixing. You are wounded and in need of healing.” ~
Make it your life mission to return to that free, fearless, unedited and unharmed inner child!
You can read more here on how to return to your inner child.