“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb


Welcome to Coach me to Grow’s unique approach to enriching, changing and empowering your team!

How often have you heard people complain about their work, bosses or co-workers? Think of your friends, family members, co-workers and even you. More than once, right?

Office politics, communication, conflict, gossip, bullying and lack of motivation often gets in the way of companies’ success. While such problems create headaches for HR and management, the solution is often easier than one thinks. It can start with the change of one’s mindset, a deeper understanding of oneself and being given the necessary tools and techniques to implement change.

The way we look at ourselves, our circumstances and others shape the stories we tell ourselves and determine our life experiences. For example, people with a healthy outlook experience life as such, while the opposite is true of unhappy and negative people. Sadly, the latter are found in most workplaces and they can sour it for everyone around them!

This, however, can change with the right guidance. There are thousands of success stories of people who transformed their lives by adapting their thinking and having sufficient tools in their toolkit to become the best version of themselves.

So, what do employees with such a toolkit look like?

They take full responsibility for their lives, including how they see, do and experience things. They are not victims. Such employees know that life isn’t always fair and that there will be challenges. At the same time, they know how they respond is up them which, of course depends on one’s level of emotional intelligence.

Many people have not been guided as children in terms of how to deal with and regulate their emotions. Although this skill requires time and effort to develop, the basis and “how to” is covered in our programs.

Other aspects that are covered, are how to be more productive and motivated. Another thing is that they know the art of setting and achieving goals. Adaptability and the willingness to see things from other employee’s perspective widen their perspective, understanding and serves as source of inspiration. They are confident, know their strengths and weaknesses, admit their mistakes and find a way to turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. Knowing this, they support, value and respect other team members – even if they disagree with them.

Such employees are an asset to their teams. They are resilient, have a positive mindset, are solution orientated and ultimately move the company forward.

There’s also the bigger picture. Apart from workplace transformation and the benefits it holds for the company, getting a life coach is probably one of the greatest gifts a company can give its employees on a personal level. Think of the impact it can have on their families, their marriages, the way they raise their kids and raising global consciousness.

When I think of the ripple effect coaching has had on companies and employees we’ve coached, I can only imagine the gratification it must give leaders to know they’ve invested towards making the world a better place!

To help your company achieve this, we offer several options which can be adapted or blended according to your needs:



A dynamic and effective skills development program to build a better, stronger and more positive work environment. During the course, individuals will learn:

  • how the mind works and how to train it
  • how to develop a positive mindset
  • tools to deal with negative emotions
  • Covid-19 coping strategies for anxiety, anger, loss, sadness and depression
  • ways to deal with overwhelm
  • how to use mindfulness as a tool to gain inner calmness and clarity
  • techniques to stop and reframe negative thinking patterns
  • how to set and achieve goals
  • much more

How it works

  • Set up a meeting to discuss your company’s needs
  • Duration: half-day or full-day options available
  • Group size: 4+ people
  • Attendees receive a complimentary pen and notebook to write in

What our clients say

“This programme … taught me to respect myself and other people, to love them. I am now able to interact with people from top to bottom. I now feel wanted and we can work as a team sharing ideas and facing challenges together … I believe in myself being accountable and responsible in all what I do. So I am now productive and a winner all the time…”

“Wow, the feeling that I got after [the] session was so overwhelming. I felt the relief and the peace of mind I experienced was out of this world. I never knew how easily talking can change a person just like that … I hope it is possible for each and every one to have this kind of coaching.”

Find out more about this group coaching option.



“Because you can’t afford not to have the best team…”

This program will help you to take your business to the next level by refining the mental skills of your sales team. So, what makes a great salesperson? In a recent article by Forbes, there are five characteristics of a good salesperson. A salesperson is competitive, confident, resilient, honest and they listen.

Your sales team is probably already great at building instant rapport and selling products. They’re skilled at analysing a customer’s needs and personality and then pitch a product or service accordingly. These skills are essential and provide a great foundation. But what sets your team apart from your competition’s sales team?

This half- day program will provide you and your team with a formula that goes beyond typical sales skills to increase sales and expand your business at a much faster pace. Find out more.




A four-hour workshop for learning skills to cope better with everyday life while having fun. Camera phones or cameras can be used. This is a great activity to end the year in a relaxing way or to set the tone for the year in January. Learn more about this group coaching option.

How it works

  • Duration: half-day
  • Group size: 4+ people
  • Venue: on or off site


We can adapt and blend any of our coaching programs according to your organisation’s specific needs, budget, calendar and frequency. We can assess coaching needs within your organisation, work with individuals, groups within the company, assist with negotiation, and much more. Find out more about this group coaching option.



A great way to sustain employee wellness and keep up the team spirit and ensure employee wellness. This option allows a coach to be available for specific groups of employees or working with individual employees. Regular group/meditation sessions can be arranged. It can be once a week for two hours or according to your company’s needs. Find out more about this group coaching option.



A concentrated way to boost optimism and challenge negative thinking. Schools get special discount. Learn more about this group coaching option.