Feeling overwhelmed by our circumstances is something most people go through at some point. Especially at the moment with the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s tough, really really tough. If you feel overwhelmed, I wrote this article for you. May it help you to find some calmness, strength and courage to go on.

I want you to look at the picture of one of my orchids.

Do you see all the beautiful flowers? Take a moment and look at them all…

Do you notice the one that’s squashed between the others? It’s still perfectly beautiful right? Look again.

For some reason, he was the one that ended up having it more difficult. The limelight flowers are pushing against him. And although his perfect petals are not spread wide open like the others, he shines in the space he got. It’s not ideal, but it did not stop him from opening his face to the world. He is still just as beautiful as the other orchid flowers.

You can’t see it, but one of the flowers on the right is a bit deformed. Two of its petals didn’t quite separate from one another and are still partially united. Despite this, he also opened his face to the world and need to shine as he is.

Life happens whether we think we’re ready or not. It’s like becoming a parent – you somehow must make it work! And somehow most parents do!

Perhaps you feel like the flower who is pushed by life – everyone is getting somewhere, moving on, yet you’re stuck. Maybe you think there’s something wrong with you or lack something like the unshapely flower.

Especially in today’s Facebook perfect picture life. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others who are seemingly living a magic-only life. There’s no such thing. All it does, is make us feel overwhelmed, small and less than other people.

We were all handed a deck of cards. We have to play the hand we got as best we can. I don’t know why you are where you are in life right now, but there has to be a higher purpose. I say this because when I think of the darkest times in my life, I didn’t see the point of going through the fire amidst it. Often it only becomes apparent in hindsight. Your time to blossom will come – just like the orchid buds still being formed and when they’re ready (and they will be, it’s the natural process called growth), they just open.

I don’t know how much longer you have to keep going, but I know you’ve got something deep inside of you that will help you get through this. You might wish that your life was like someone else’s, but I promise you, they also have their challenges and unique skills to help them get through whatever they’re dealing with.

The rest of your life is ahead of you. It’s up to you, not your current circumstances, to create the life you choose to have. You just need to hang in there while a new door is busy opening. The storm will pass.